November 27, 2022 05:41PM
I was expecting more than 40 or maybe a record setting points scored on us but they really fought, this proves McVay has not lost the locker, and we can expect better play in the future, the only ones I can't figure out are Morris and Ramsey, the rest I loved the offense resillience and the defense hitting hard I am sure a few chiefs will be sore tomorrow, there are no moral victories but this one sure feels like one smiling smiley

  So what do we do? We throw an INT and the Chiefs get it right back

MamaRAMa204November 27, 2022 01:58PM

  Perkins had his moment

Hazlet Hacksaw71November 27, 2022 02:00PM

  Cheer up Mama !!!

mexram74November 27, 2022 02:02PM

  Re: Cheer up Mama !!!

MamaRAMa58November 27, 2022 02:10PM

  Couldn't agree more

mexram43November 27, 2022 05:41PM