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McVays year marred with distractions

November 20, 2022 10:46AM
McVays year has been a whirlwind of distractions and I think that has played a huge part in his fall from elite to poor coach.

1. McVay has Superbowl celebration syndrome, and relaxed after the win.

2. McVay gets married

3. AMAZON comes to hire him and he thinks about it.

4. Donald tosses around he will retire.

5. Ukraine War and his wife's family there suffering through it.

6. Off season doesn't get everyone back.

7. Loses another offensive coach

8. Injuries to pretty much his entire Oline and backups.

9. His Grandfather passes away.

10. Season is lost in November.

Tough season to deal with.

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  McVays year marred with distractions

The_Zone110November 20, 2022 10:46AM

  He's been plagued, no doubt....

JamesJM43November 20, 2022 10:48AM

  That's a good wrap on it.

NewMexicoRam44November 20, 2022 10:48AM

  Thinking the Wolf and Perkins are good enough backups AND

Ridgewood Ram40November 20, 2022 10:50AM