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Re: He makes horrible decisons sometimes..

January 09, 2022 02:51PM
I agree, but I will explain. I think Stafford's ceiling is higher than Goff's, but because he takes so many chances, his floor is lower.

Goff was much more cautious and would become even more so in an intense, physical game like today. He could be downright ineffective.

Stafford can make some brilliant throws, but then on the next drive, he can miss badly to the point where people wonder if there is something physically wrong with him.

I like Stafford, but I wish the Rams hadn't given up so much to get him. Their offensive and defensive lines need a lot of work.

  the biggest lie is Stafford has a hand cannon

Stafford9119January 09, 2022 02:43PM

  He makes horrible decisons sometimes..

sstrams34January 09, 2022 02:44PM

  honestly I don't know

Stafford937January 09, 2022 02:46PM

  Re: Gardner Minchew can throw the ball Like the thought nm

Rams_7828January 09, 2022 02:50PM

  Re: He makes horrible decisons sometimes..

Classicalwit24January 09, 2022 02:51PM