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January 09, 2021 03:18PM
time and time again on 3rd down they came through

the pick 6 was an awesome aggressive play

holding Wilson to 174 yards and under duress all day

just great

STs made two huge plays today on the return and forced fumble and the kicker was money

And Akers 28 carries 128 yards

Goff made just enough plays to help us and just as importantly did not make the killer mistake and give point to the other team

Great win... now those injuries... yikes

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  Can't praise the defense enough... and i'm talking....

JamesJM120January 09, 2021 03:12PM


Arkansas Ram20January 09, 2021 03:14PM

  Yeah, they plyed championship ball today.... nm

sstrams19January 09, 2021 03:14PM


Speed_Kills24January 09, 2021 03:18PM

  The even played great without 99 down the stretch

Rams Junkie24January 09, 2021 03:22PM

  yes it does nm

Speed_Kills15January 09, 2021 03:23PM

  In 25 years time.

RamUK26January 09, 2021 03:29PM

  For the first time, RamUK.... I will entertain the comment...

JamesJM19January 09, 2021 03:31PM