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lol oh my goodness

January 09, 2021 02:52PM
the Rams Cam Akers has

28 carries for 131 yards... the defense has held Wilson to 125 yards and has a pick 6 and the Hawks have a single 3rd down conversion

Goff didn't lose the game... and make a couple of plays along the way

9 of 19 for 155 yards.... McVay called an easy TD throw and he made it. Awesome

thank goodness

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  Good luck getting rid of Goff now

stlrams13133January 09, 2021 02:49PM

  Re: Good luck getting rid of Goff now

dodgerram38January 09, 2021 02:51PM

  lol oh my goodness

Speed_Kills45January 09, 2021 02:52PM

  Re: lol oh my goodness

chico n da rams29January 09, 2021 02:53PM

  Re: lol oh my goodness

Rampage2K-23January 09, 2021 04:44PM

  May be easier to trade, now...

sstrams30January 09, 2021 02:53PM