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Looked like it.... nm

November 15, 2020 02:24PM

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Williams MVP..... nm

sstrams36November 15, 2020 02:23PM

  Re: Williams MVP.....injured? Long is in

Rams Junkie17November 15, 2020 02:24PM

  Looked like it.... nm

sstrams15November 15, 2020 02:24PM

  Hope he didn't injure his right shoulder too badly

MamaRAMa18November 15, 2020 02:24PM

  Williams AND Floyd co player of the game

dodgerram14November 15, 2020 02:24PM

  Re: Hoping he is not injuried ..... nm

Rams_7814November 15, 2020 02:25PM