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TRANSCRIPTS: Rams vs. Cardinals Postgame Quotes - Dec. 29, 2019

December 30, 2019 12:21AM
TRANSCRIPTS: Rams vs. Cardinals Postgame Quotes - Dec. 29, 2019

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay
(Opening Remarks)
“From an injury standpoint, (Lcool smiley Cory Littleton left the game with a chest contusion. Don’t have any more updates on that. Then (DT) Michael Brockers with his ankle and we will have some further information on that tomorrow for you guys. But, I thought it was a good job by this team. I think it really says a lot. This season, obviously, was up and down, our players were consistent throughout and that says a lot about these guys. To be able to cap it off this way, I think was a real positive note. It’s really about these players. Very appreciative of their consistent effort, offense, defense, special teams, everybody contributed today. To be able to finish up and have our last game in the coliseum with a win in front of our fans who are great, is a real positive and I think there was a lot of bright spots from some of our core leaders and then some younger guys really stepping up and making an impact. Ultimately, it was about finding a way to finish out with a win and the guys did that today.”

(On how tough it is playing in a game when the season is coming to an end)
“I think that’s what a lot of people will say, but our guys have a lot of pride. I think they care about one another and they know what a blessing it is to be able to just play this game. They’re always going to compete, and I think they did that today. To be able to find a way to wrap it up with a win in a winning season, is certainly a positive and I think just the way that they came out ready to go is a real credit to the character we have on this football team.”

(On if there is any disappointment missing the playoffs and not playing up to the standard that he expected)
“Right now, I’m appreciative of our players. There were a lot of things that we wish could have gone differently, but I think today was about our guys wrapping the season up the right way and I just want to be positive and appreciative of them for that.”

(On T Andrew Whitworth)
“He’s incredible. To be able to see him play with that consistent energy. You mentioned it, all the things that he does behind the scenes to really just use his platform for the right reasons – in terms of helping and kind of giving back to the community – it’s a special family. Getting to know them over the last few years, he’s a special player. To be able to play at such a high level for so long, it’s almost unparalleled. What he’s done has been so instrumental in a lot of the things that have gone right for the Rams over the last three years. Brining him here was a huge start, and huge steppingstone in the right direction, in terms of having some poor leaders that can really influence and effect your locker room in the right way. He’s been outstanding, love him and very, very appreciative of everything that (T) Andrew (Whitworth) does for us.”

(On what can he take away from this season and what can he take into next season from this year)
“I think it’s really just getting a chance to step away, be able to really digest everything and look at yourself, number 1. And figure out, all right, how can we develop consistent processes, standards, so hopefully we can play more consistent week in, and week out. Our guys certainly appreciate it and we know how coaches how valuable that three-and-a-half-hour window or what have you, every week is to be able to be at your best. I think that’s why you see so many different things occur week in and week out in the NFL, but we’ve got to find a way to commit to doing things consistently and obviously it always starts with me. There’s a lot of things, I mean I can probably go on for hours about it. I’m excited to really just dive into it. Once you catch your breath, and then implement some of those things that will hopefully lead to us playing up to our potential week in and week out and that’s your job as a coach.”

(On the defense causing turnovers and having key plays)
“That was huge. To be able to get four turnovers was unbelievable. I thought a lot of guys that really stepped up that hadn’t played a whole lot of snaps, were instrumental in some of the success that we did have. You look at a lot of the guys in the back – and (S) Eric Weddle did a great job with the communication – but, you see a guy like (Ccool smiley Darious Williams really maximizing his opportunities over the last few weeks. You see (Ccool smiley David Long (Jr.) step up in a big way, (Don’t’e Deayon) ‘Double D’ made a lot of plays toda­­y, (S) Taylor Rapp continues to show up week in and week out. Really pleased with those guys.”

(On what he meant by his comment on doing things consistently)
“Implementing processes so that we can consistently play like we have in some instances against Seattle, when we played Arizona a few weeks ago. I think not knowing, all right, what kind of team are we going to be, that’s something we need to do a better job of because we’ve seen when we play at our best level. That’s exactly what we want week in and week out and it’s my job to try to figure out how to implement processes, standards throughout the course of the week so that we can compete during that window of time that we do play the games.”

(On if the lack of consistency this season is a result of changes in personnel)
“You know what? I’m not going to make any excuses. There’s a lot of different reasons that things don’t work out, and really until I go back, you look at the entirety of it – I wish I had the answers, otherwise we would have played more consistent probably sooner. You’re kind of working through those things, but today I think it’s about our players and I’m appreciative of their consistency with the way they approach things. That says a lot about guys. It’s easy to be able to see when things are going well, alright everybody’s going to play hard, they’re going to continue to do things the right way, but I think you really find out about people when you go do through some of that adversity that really we haven’t faced in terms of some of the results over the last few years. It’s challenged me, it has stretched me as a leader, which for that I’m thankful. I trust that we’ll all grow together and I was really impressed with just our players’ ability to handle that, kind of ignore the outside noise, and while it doesn’t end the way that we want to, I think it says a lot about these guys for them to continue to compete, to come out and finish it the way that they did today. I’m very, very happy and appreciative of those guys.”
(On how he held up psychologically over the course of the season)
“I held up good. I love what we do. I love this job. I’m committed to trying to be a better job every single day, and what I would say the biggest thing is, is that now that you have three years, I’m never going to pretend to have all this experience but what I do continue to learn is that there is a real value in it. As you accumulate these ‘reps’ if you will, you’re learning, you have different examples to draw on as far as how to handle things the right way, there’s a lot of mistakes that I’ll be able to learn from as you continue to move forward, and I’m excited about attacking this thing and continuing to get better from myself, just like we expect of our players and our other coaches.”
(On where he feels the team stands right now compared to when he first took over)
“I think in a lot of instances those things are exclusively measured by the results that you have when you play the 16 games in that three-and-a-half hour window of time and there’s a lot of things that go into it. We didn’t get the results that we want compared to the last couple years but I think if anything, the character of this locker room, the guys that we’ve identified, their ability to navigate through an up-and-down season says as much about them as anything, but it’s like anything else. We always have to strive to get better. It certainly starts with me and those are things that I’m excited about doing this offseason.”
(On lucky breaks in games going his team’s way last season but not this season and if those plays are things that he can view on film and have go his team’s way in the future)
“Sure, that’s a great question. We talk about that all the time and I think in a lot of instances you make and create your own breaks, where then you end up making those things early on in the season and they can snowball. That momentum is a powerful thing, both positively and negatively. I think for us, what I did love the most is we didn’t let some of the negative momentum which we did face at times continue to snowball. We found a way to kind of gather ourselves and try to respond. Didn’t do it consistently enough to give ourselves a chance to play afterwards, but those are things that you just continue to identity, I think overall it’s the old cliché of the process over the results, but hoprfully, if you consistently commit to a process, the amount of plays that take place throughout the course of a game, you limit the amount of times that it comes down to that one or two plays. Certainly, sometimes we’ve had a couple instances where that does determine the outcome of a game, but there’s a lot of things that led to that play determining the outcome of the game, and that’s what we’ll focus on and that’s what we’re excited about attacking this offseason.”

Rams QB Jared Goff
(On if he’s happy the team ended the season with a win)
“Yeah. It’s definitely better than losing. It’s a good feeling and it means we had a winning season. But, at the end of the day – I said this earlier – it’s still a disappointing season. We want to win the division, we want to make the playoffs and we did neither of those this year. It still hurts that it’s over at this point, but finishing the way we did in the Coliseum, there are some good things to take away.”

(On what needs to be different next season)
“Consistency. The same thing we talk about all the time, just being consistent. I can truly, really, just speak for the offense, but just consistency. Each game, executing how we know we can. We executed really well at times this year – really well – at the top of the league. At times we were towards the bottom of the league on offense. You need to find how to stick at the top and be consistent.”

(On Sunday’s performance offensively)
“I thought we played well today. I thought we came out and showed up. I think it speaks to the level of character of the guys on this team and our coaches. We showed up in a game that doesn’t matter, played really well on offense and were able to move the ball. I thought we played really well as a team. We really jelled today and did a good job.”

(On how he feels after three seasons under Head Coach Sean McVay)
“I feel good. I feel like – again – this is a disappointing year for me, personally, and for our whole team and a feeling you never want to feel again. You need to look introspectively and just figure out the issues, figure out how to get better and work hard. Usually, my whole life, I’ve just stuck to that and it’s worked out. I’ll just look at myself, get better and come back next year and be the best I can be.”

(On a few individual plays not going their way this season and how they get those breaks next season)
“That’s the league, though. That’s the way it goes. It either goes your way or it doesn’t. Like you mentioned, a few times this year it didn’t. I think, ultimately, first of all, putting yourself in situations where you have a chance to make it go one way or the other. A handful of times this year, we didn’t even do that. That’s the first thing – to make sure we are in games and finishing games the right way. Then, just over time, it’ll take care of itself by the way you practice, the way you execute and the way you learn how to win games and finish games. We do know how, it’s just putting ourselves in that position. Like you said, sometimes it doesn’t go our way, but that’s the league. We need to do what we can do to make it go our way.”

(On if he has an idea in his head of what their offense is supposed to look like)
“Of course. It’s supposed to look like how it looked today. How it looked today, how it a handful of the last weeks, if you take out Dallas. I think since we played Arizona, we kind of did find a new identity. I think ultimately, we found different ways to win games. I think that’s the biggest thing we can take away, is that we were so specific the last two seasons and then this year, we had to find different ways to win. Teams figured some stuff out where we had to adjust. We did adjust and we adjusted well, just unfortunately, we were one game short, two games short, whatever you want to call it. That’s the way it goes. I think it’s a good learning experience for all of us, coaches included. I know myself, personally, like I mentioned, we’ll use this as motivation and come back next year stronger. It’s something that eats at you and you never want to…especially if you think about the fans. I know I’m not really answering your question at this point, but thinking about the fans, it just eats at you. You want to put a good product out there and make the playoffs and make them proud. That’s something that we plan on doing next year and are going to work towards that and do everything we can this offseason.”

(On what are some of the things that the offense figured out)
“It’s a million. It’s so specific schematically, it’s hard to explain. It’s a better question for (Head Coach) Sean (McVay), honestly.”

(On if there were specific things that got taken away on offense, schematically, or if it is broader concepts)
“Broader, broader. Just kind of finding different ways to win games, I think that’s the best way to explain it. It doesn’t always have to go through a certain way, or it doesn’t always have to be the same way. I think that’s something that we learned and I think it’s perfect for us moving forward and something that we’ll use moving forward.”

(On how much of the offense figuring themselves out was on himself)
“It’s on all of us, it’s on all of us, everyone. I’m just as much part of it as anyone. If not, the biggest part because I am the quarterback, but figuring it out, figuring out other ways to win games. Again, ultimately, it wasn’t enough.

(On if he will miss playing in the Coliseum and what he will miss about it)
“I will miss playing in the Coliseum. I’m excited for SoFi (Stadium), I’m really excited for SoFi. What (Owner/Chairman) Mr. (E. Stanley) Kroenke has done there and created there is going to be something that I don’t think the world has ever seen, really, honestly. It’ll be a lot of fun, but I will miss the Coliseum and will miss the history of it, the lighting of the torch, the fireworks, the whole thing. The fans, the fanbase we’ve built here, how much louder it was this year compared to my first year and just seeing it grow is really cool. That’s the biggest part I’ll miss.

(On if this season has reinforced the notion that it is really hard to make the playoffs in this league and to get back to the Super Bowl)
“Yeah, I think it’s always hard, but it’s not something that we can’t do and don’t know how to do. The answers are there, we just need to execute consistently, like I spoke about earlier. It’s something that we’ve done and something that’s always our goal. First of all, winning the division and that takes playoffs by winning your division games and one game at a time. If that doesn’t work out, making the playoffs and neither of those worked for us this year.”

Rams RB Todd Gurley II
(On if finishing today with a win changes his outlook on the season as a whole)
“No, we just finish with a win – that’s all we can control the last game. So, we just kind of take this win and head into the offseason.”

(On how he would evaluate the way he has played this season)
“Anytime you can be able to finish out a full NFL season – I missed one game. But, to be able to just finish out a season, that’s always a great thing because it’s hard to stay healthy in this league. We kept everybody pretty healthy, other than a couple injuries at the beginning of the season. So, just happy for everybody that we were able to…we weren’t able to reach the ultimate goal, but that’s just life.”

(On what he makes of a season where the team fell short of their ultimate goal but finished with nine wins and the team wasn’t bad)
“You can look at it both ways – be disappointed or just be grateful about the outcome. Like you said, we got nine wins. Maybe one or two more wins, we’d be a playoff team, but we didn’t. We just finished the season off with a win against a great team that’s been playing pretty hot lately. So, we just take what we got – finished with a winning record, got the win today, and just hope everybody just kind of enjoys their offseason, for real.”

Rams WR Robert Woods
(On what was it like playing in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the last time and having a new stadium next year)
“Just a good stadium, good atmosphere today and we finished up with the win. Defense played really well, put it up in the end zone a couple times, good way to finish out the Coliseum.”

(On playing college football in the Coliseum and what it’s like coming back after all those years and playing as a pro)
“Just a dream. Playing in here in , just seeing the stadium lit up. Just remember the big games, big moments. Then to come here as an NFL player, being able to play in the same stadium, make plays in it. It’s really just like playing in your backyard because you’ve been here so many years.”

(On how he would summarize finishing on a high note and if that takes the sting away from not performing to the standard that they had hoped)
“No, I wouldn’t say so. I would just say it’s just a good way to finish up the year. We ended up strong, ended up with a winning season. But other than that, we know we fell short of our goals. All we can do is just control what we can and that was finish this game strong and we did that.”

Rams DT Aaron Donald
(On what it meant to him to finish the season with a win)
“It felt good. That’s how you want to finish off, finish strong, and that’s what I think we did that. Kept fighting and found a way to win a game.”

(On the Rams’ defense generating four turnovers against the Cardinals)
“That’s big for us. Any time you get the ball back to the offense, get them opportunities to score points, it’s big. I think a lot of guys on the back end made big plays for us. The quarterback (Kyler Murray), he made some good throws downfield, but I think overall, our guys did a great job.”

(On what it means for the defense to finish with such a strong performance)
“That’s how you want it to leave. It wasn’t the season we wanted, but we wanted to finish strong and close this thing out right so next year, we’ll be even better.”

Rams LB Clay Matthews
(On what it's been like being a part of the Rams this season)
“Well, it’s fun. Obviously, when you join a new organization there’s a lot of uncertainties – a lot of anxiety that comes after spending a decade with a different team. It’s obviously not the final result that we would have liked to have not make the playoffs. But, for me personally the level of play in which I thought I played at this year as well as how we ascended especially on defense toward the end of the year. Hopefully that leads toward a brighter 2020.”

(On if he is looking forward to coming back next year)
“I’m going to take some time off…You try to take a few weeks off. Time for me to be a dad again. Soon as I can’t handle that, which might be sooner rather than later, I’ll probably start getting back in the gym and prepping for next year. But I’ll take a few weeks off, think about it and do what I’ve always done – just prepare and get ready for the next year.”

(On what it’s like playing in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where he played college)
“It was definitely exciting, especially last year, I had said earlier this week, coming back when I was still with Green Bay after 10 years that was really exciting. A lot smaller than I remembered it in college. Just so historic and to be able to – this is kind of where I started my career and to finish it here too is a fun story that the kids will ask about when I’m older. Looking forward to next year in the new stadium and hopefully a new record.”

Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman
(On overall thoughts of the defense during the 2019 season)
“I feel like we did a pretty good job this year. I feel like everybody was on cue today, people that needed to step up, stepped up. We got some young guys, but they did a great job today.”

(On what it means for the defense to end the season on a high note)
“It means a lot. Looking towards the future, great things to come. It’s a gauge, just to let everybody know, like, we’re not down, you know. We’re still on our way up. And, just, don’t be easy to forget.

(On seeing S Taylor Rapp have a good game)
“It was good seeing him have a big game. Coming off of last week, and then coming into this week and capitalizing on plays that he left out there on the field last weekend. To see him come out there and get an interception, a turnover, I’m happy for him.”

Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury
(On how close to the game they were until they were sure that Cardinals QB Kyler Murray was going to play)
“We weren’t sure. He worked out prior to the game and felt it a little bit, but he wanted to play. I thought it was his best game by far, considering he was playing at whatever percent he was playing. To be able to kind of go on the road and still do his thing and keep routine in it and make a bunch of plays, that’s the most proud I’ve been all season.”

(On what happened to Murrays wrist in the fourth quarter)
“He hit the funny bone. He got hit late and it hit his funny bone, so he couldn’t feel his hand, but then he came back in.”

(On if Murray thought the turnovers were due to his injury)
“He would never make an excuse. Some of those throws that he doesn’t miss like that, sailed on him a little bit. When you’re not 100 percent with your lower half, that’s going to happen. I thought for the most part, like I said, he battled his tail off and gave us a chance to win.”

(On how he would evaluate the 2019 season)
“A work in progress.”

(On if there is any disappointment from Cardinals LB Chandler Jones)
“No, not at all. I knew they’d have a plan. (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) and his offensive staff, they do a great job. They weren’t going to let him wreck the game, but he still had a tackle-for-loss, deflected three or four balls. He made his impact like he has the entire year. They had a great scheme to try to not allow him to get home.”

(On what the experience was like for him as a first-year head coach and having a rookie quarterback)
“(It was) a learning experience the entire year. I learned something new everyday about the league and about him (Murray) and about our players. Like I said, it’s a work in progress. The team played their ass off the entire year. Effort was great, quarterback grew up, so there was definitely some progress made.”

(On what was said when him and Murray shared a moment during the game)
“I’ll just keep that between us. Like I said, I was most proud of this game, more so than any other, because he wasn’t 100% and he stayed in there and he battled his tail off on the road against a very good team. Teammates see that, the organization sees that and it goes a long way in the offseason.”

(On Murray’s wrist injury)
“Not bad. It was a deal where if he strained it more, he wouldn’t have gone. He felt it, but really, you saw, he didn’t try to take off. We didn’t run him at all, but he did a nice job of not kicking it into fifth gear.”

(On TE Dan Arnold)
“I didn’t know who he was when he got there, obviously. He’s giving us a lot more. Once you see him run routes and start moving around, he’s got a unique skillset as a wide receiver. Forgot he was still learning our system, he made some big plays for us down the stretch.”

(On if he likes playing these types of games when the season is almost over and there is nothing at stake)
“It wasn’t at all. This group, we’ve been out of it for a while and then played some of our best football during that stretch. It’s a professional group, great leadership, we’ve got a young quarterback and they know it’s a process. All these reps have been invaluable for him.”

(On RB Kenyan Drake seeming like he was part of the game plan while being on the sidelines)
“No, ‘KD’ (RB Kenyan Drake) is playing really well so we wanted to go with him, give him a whole game and that’s what we did.”

(On RB David Johnson returning to the team)
“Yeah, that’s a postseason discussion will get to once we have a chance to sit back and talk with personnel and (Cardinals General Manager) Steve (Keim) and all of those guys.”

(On if poor numbers hurt Murray’s confidence)
“No, not at all because he was going to the right place he just sailed the ball. Like I said, your body gets out of whack and things like that happen. It’s the best game he’s played all season under the circumstance and particularly how they dominated us the last time. It was not competitive. He came out here and give us a chance to win today.”

(On if the fumbles throughout the game were frustrating)
“Yeah it was. The one ‘KD’ – he’s a great player – he just took his eyes off the ball. The other one, we are trying to check the play. We are plus-50 then we turn it over three times plus-50, that’s unfortunate. You can’t expect to beat the Los Angeles Rams doing stuff like that.”

(On what the next few weeks will look like)
“It will be a little bit of down time and then getting ready for the free agency and the draft.”

(On what ways they’re a better football team now than they were in September)
“Just understanding the system. Understanding what we are about. We learned how to practice, how best to fit our team. I think between ‘VJ’ (Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph) and myself, (Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator) Coach (Jeff) Rogers, it’s been a work in progress like I’ve said. We got it this last month and really started feeling good about the process in place.”

(On the long pass to WR Damiere Byrd and if it was the same as the one that he was flagged for pass interference on)
“It was. Kyler checked one of them and one of them we said, ‘Hey, he ran by him, let’s do it again.’ We had some tough calls out there. I don’t know what the penalty yards were, but it seemed to be pretty lopsided today. I thought our guys did a good job of overcoming that.”

(On seeing something that made him want to keep looking to WR Damiere Byrd)
“We felt that we had a good match-up. (WR) Damiere (Byrd) was playing fast and we felt that he could get a step on that guy.”

(On possibly adding new payers to complete their roster)
“I thought we had a solid roster this year. We were in a bunch of games, a bunch of one score games. We had our opportunities had we not turned the ball over. I think we are 30th in redzone-touchdown efficiency. Those are huge things. Get off the field on defense a few more times on third down. You’re always looking to improve, but I liked our roster this year. The guys have played their tails off.”

(On his confidence level going into 2020)
“We just have to build off of it. I think some of our best efforts were late in the season. Everybody feels more comfortable in the systems and keeping that consistent going into year two, has a chance to set you in on the right path. But, we have a lot of work to do.”

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray
(On his injury to his funny bone)
“It’s good. I just wasn’t really expecting that. You know, I kind of lost feeling in my pinkie (finger). I couldn’t really throw the ball after that. I had to let it die down, but once it did I was fine.”

(On what he thinks of the turnovers today)
“I always say, if I didn’t turn the ball over, I feel like we would’ve won the game just because we were moving the ball and those were kind of crucial turnovers. I’ve just got to learn from it, move on and we’ll get better from it.”

(On how much he lobbied to play in this game)
“It was really a game-time decision. I went out there, tried accelerating a couple times, didn’t really feel it. I got sore a little bit before the game, but other than that, I wanted to finish out the year for the guys and finish what I started, as far as playing all 16 games. You know, I think it went a long way.”

(On if he had to convince the coaches to let him play)
“No, they had to like convince me just because I’m more concerned, not wanting to injure it more. At the same time, I understood. It is what it is. I’m a competitor. If I hurt it, I’m going to hurt it. When I was out there, I wasn’t really thinking about it.”

(On how limited he was today)
“I couldn’t really get out of the pocket and move like that. For me, honestly, I think it helped me out, just standing in there and going through reads and progressions. Like I said, I think it’s a teaching lesson, a learning lesson for me. I’m kind of glad. Everything happens for a reason. I thought we played well today despite two turnovers that cost us.”

(On how he would evaluate this season)
“I’m not used to this, end of the season and not playing for anything after it. I think the growth we’ve shown from start to finish is what I’m most proud of. I know the guys are proud of it. It’s year one for us, a lot of guys have bought into the system. For us to come out here, play hard and not give up each and every game, to be honest. So going into next season, I think we’ll be pretty dangerous.”

(On if he was hesitant to scramble because of his injury)
“No, honestly, the guys kept me upright today, so I felt good back there.”

(On if his injury kept him from throwing a Hail Mary on the last play)
“No, I couldn’t move. It’s tough just because I knew I was going to have to roll out and get into it and I was just kind of limited.”

(On if it’s difficult losing after coming from college where he rarely lost)
“Yeah, definitely. I’ve won my whole life, but understanding what we were getting into at the beginning of the year. Understanding that I’m young, it’s a new coach, new system. You’re going to have ups and downs, and we understood that. But I think that we’ve come a long way from the beginning of the season. I think that’s what matters. Carrying that on to next season, I think we’ll just continue to get better and better.”

(On how much Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury shared with him that he was proud of him after playing through the injury)
“He told me plenty of times. I’ve never really been hurt or had to actually play through an injury, so this is a first for me. I’m glad I did it.”

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald
(On if he thinks the team has come a long way since the beginning of the season)
“I think we did come a long way. To see (Qcool smiley Kyler’s (Murray) maturation and the way he was able to perform this year, I think it’s a runaway for Rookie of the Year for him. He’s Houdini back there. We have a really bright future here for this organization for a very long time. Good place to have him and try to build around him for years to come.”

(On if he has had a lot of fun playing this year)
“Yeah, the atmosphere, the positivity, I think it’s a lot of different reasons, but it’s been a great year. For a five-win season, I can’t remember having as much joy in the process only winning five games but being around these coaches, the teammates, the way they work every day and how serious they take football. It would have been easy for a lot of guys, young guys who have never experienced the NFL and knew we were eliminated from the playoffs in early December to pack it in, but it never was the case. Guys pushed through. The perfect example today was Kyler – he could have very easily sat today out. ‘What are we playing for? We’re out of the playoffs. What am I going to go out there and risk it for?’ He came out, threw for 300 yards, stayed in there against the premier pass rusher in the National Football League in (Rams DT) Aaron Donald and that shows a lot of character. I think guys see that and want to play with him.”
(On is he’s surprised he had this much joy playing in a season when the team went 5-10-1)
“Surprised? No, I think I kind of anticipated that because college coaches, they’re used to being around younger players and you have to have that energy and enthusiasm when you’re around 18, 19 or 20-year-olds. From the first time I met Coach (Kliff Kingsbury), I knew his mentality was completely different. What you see early on is that he’s not a know-it-all. Some guys you ask a question and they give you an answer just to give you an answer. He doesn’t do that. ‘You know what, ‘Fitz’, let me get back to you.’ Then he’ll get back to me, ‘I want you to do it like this.’ He doesn’t blow smoke. You really respect that about him. From day one he told me, ‘You have to earn your opportunities.’ The transparency and honesty, that’s all you can ask for.”

(On how this year plays into his decision to continue playing next season)
“I have to talk to (Cardinals Chairman and President) Michael (Bidwell) about next year. If they want me back and that’s an option, you kind of have to go through the checklist and process. But like I said, I love this organization with all my heart. I’ve gave everything I’ve had for 16 years and I just have to take a little time to figure it out and obviously talk to the boss man who makes all the decisions.”

Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson
(On how you evaluate the season)
“We took some strides. Obviously, we had some early bumps in the road in the first half of the season. We found ways to string a win streak together. It just boils down to the little things, executing the plays when (Cardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury) Coach calls those calls in, being on one page, starting the game fast, playing with more energy because a lot of those games that we lost, we were playing behind the 8-ball. So, we start faster, have everybody playing on the same accord, we can definitely build on this season.”

(On what the expectations are going into the 2020 season)
“Very high, we are right there. As a secondary, we feel like we are going to be one of the better groups coming in to next year having so many young players having an opportunity to learn. End the season and learn how to prepare, learn how to practice, learn how to make proper checks, learn how to be a pro. That’s what it’s all about, finding your niche, finding your regiment that works for you and now you are going out there and playing fast for your brothers and the rest will be history.”

(On what it meant to you playing well the last three weeks)
“It felt great. Obviously, short-handed this year, only having the opportunity to play 10 games, but I wish I had the opportunity to play those six more. I feel like I’m really getting back into my groove, my legs are back under me, playing with a lot of fire, playing with a lot of energy. The guys really feed off that, like I always said, if I play really well, come out with a lot of intensity, nine times out of 10 we have a good opportunity to win ball games. So, I want to continue putting that fight and fire throughout this Arizona Cardinals team and hopefully it trickles down to the rest of the team and sparks some fire and hopefully we can get that thing rolling.”


  TRANSCRIPTS: Rams vs. Cardinals Postgame Quotes - Dec. 29, 2019

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