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January 28, 2024 02:08PM
Definition of "haymkaker"

A person who cuts hay and spreads it out to dry.

Webster's New World - A powerful blow with or swing of the fist, intended to cause a knockout.

(agriculture) A person or machine which harvests or prepares tall grass for use as animal fodder.

Wiktionary - (informal, fisticuffs) A particularly powerful punch, especially one which knocks down an opponent, thrown like a scythe chop for cutting hay, as agricultural haymakers used to have strong arms.

Wiktionary - (figuratively, by extension) Any decisive blow, shock, or forceful action.

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Hazlet Hacksaw121January 28, 2024 01:57PM

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Stafford983January 28, 2024 01:59PM

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JamesJM83January 28, 2024 02:01PM

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sstrams81January 28, 2024 02:03PM

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MamaRAMa102January 28, 2024 02:08PM

  Thanks Mama...

sstrams79January 28, 2024 02:10PM

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MamaRAMa75January 28, 2024 02:23PM