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SST’s explanation makes sense to me, but

November 01, 2022 03:27PM
I just can’t get past the friction of the wall and the associated drag. Unless the wall was coated in butter or something.


"It's nice to be nice to the nice." Frank Burns

  Ok NASCAR fans, or physicists…

canadaram269October 31, 2022 04:51PM

  Not only should the wall have slowed him down..

sstrams103October 31, 2022 05:47PM

  I don't get the hype over that move.

Ramgator83November 01, 2022 01:56AM

  I have thought about it and here is my theory:

sstrams82November 01, 2022 01:58AM

  The one race I miss and it makes world news....

JamesJM147November 01, 2022 09:37AM

  My guess is that it would depend....

sstrams81November 01, 2022 09:48AM

  SST’s explanation makes sense to me, but

canadaram110November 01, 2022 03:27PM

  Does anyone actually know what they ARE made of?

sstrams47November 02, 2022 02:23AM

  I also just read an article about..

sstrams78November 02, 2022 02:29AM