September 15, 2022 04:17PM
On Comedy Central (When that Channel was funny). Almost Live had a segment called "The Lame List" or "What's Weak This Week". Everytime, they'd have a Metal band on there "Sound Garden"??? I THINK?? They'd ask them silly questions and they'd yell "LAAAAAAME!!!" Ask them serious questions and they'd go blank. Look them up on Youtube. Funny stuff..... "Almost Live / Lame List"

  Mugs for sale at Washington Commanders week 1 game.... LOL

SeattleRam80September 15, 2022 02:28PM

  Holy crap...

sstrams43September 15, 2022 03:24PM

  LOLOL Your reply struck a funny TV memory. Remember the show "Almost Live"..

Ramgator37September 15, 2022 04:17PM