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Some Star Trek stuff

September 08, 2022 02:59PM
Star Trek , Strange New Worlds , best show ever !!!!

could never get into Star Trek Discovery , quit watching durning the second season

Star Trek , Picard , couldn't into that one either

but , season three trailer is out for Picard , and their bringing back most of the crew from Next Generation , so I'm looking forward to giving season 3 a chance

and a new clip from season 2 of Strange New World has come out

really looking forward to season 2 , loved season 1

the new ship looks cool


  Some Star Trek stuff

IowaRam118September 08, 2022 02:59PM

  Black Adam trailer 2

IowaRam63September 08, 2022 03:22PM

  All Quiet on the Western Front | Official Teaser | Netflix

SeattleRam63September 09, 2022 02:43PM

  Willow D23 trailer

IowaRam50September 10, 2022 08:51AM

  Andor D23 trailer

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  Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi D23 trailer

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  The Little Mermaid D23 Teaser Trailer

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  Hocus Pocus 2 D23 trailer

IowaRam43September 10, 2022 09:01AM

  Disenchanted D23 trailer

IowaRam53September 10, 2022 09:03AM

  Re: Disenchanted D23 trailer

MamaRAMa60September 10, 2022 09:08AM

  Re: Disenchanted D23 trailer

IowaRam59September 11, 2022 08:35AM

  The Mandalorian: Season 3 D23 trailer

IowaRam69September 10, 2022 09:32AM

  Marvel's Werewolf By Night D23 trailer

IowaRam64September 10, 2022 10:00AM

  Marvels Secret Invasion D23 trailer

IowaRam54September 10, 2022 10:05AM

  National Treasure: Edge Of History D23 trailer

IowaRam48September 10, 2022 02:49PM

  Percy Jackson and the Olympians D23 teaser trailer

IowaRam39September 10, 2022 02:53PM

  The Santa Clauses D23 teaser trailer

IowaRam50September 10, 2022 02:56PM

  Carol Kane has signed on to Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

IowaRam56September 11, 2022 08:33AM

  I Wanna Dance With Somebody trailer

IowaRam55September 15, 2022 04:18PM