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Nice! I eat almonds every day..

August 03, 2022 04:41AM
Out of the bag, in ice cream, pretty much everywhere I can cram them in.. Hopefully that's bought you a few drum sticks!

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Do not understand candy in ice cream...

JamesJM33August 02, 2022 02:24PM

  I like some stuff...

sstrams21August 02, 2022 02:30PM

  You said it WAY better than I did...

JamesJM13August 02, 2022 08:22PM

  Nice! I eat almonds every day..

sstrams9August 03, 2022 04:41AM

  I DO

MamaRAMa29August 02, 2022 02:49PM

  Well, I agree with you that...

JamesJM12August 02, 2022 08:24PM

  Just tonight, after Dinner, I made my own DQ Peanut Buster Parfait

Ramgator30August 02, 2022 03:20PM

  As for nuts....

JamesJM22August 02, 2022 08:26PM

  I do nuts every day, myself..

sstrams26August 03, 2022 04:42AM

  Re: I do nuts every day, myself..

MamaRAMa23August 03, 2022 07:30AM

  I copy/pasted this definition..

sstrams23August 03, 2022 08:25AM

  Re: I copy/pasted this definition..

MamaRAMa22August 03, 2022 11:08AM

  Yeah, agree with the tomato thing..

sstrams23August 03, 2022 11:52AM

  Ever find yourself turning into your parents?

JamesJM25August 03, 2022 07:03PM

  Not really..

sstrams24August 04, 2022 02:06AM