July 31, 2022 11:59AM
And not counting this board.. (I did brag here).

My oldest grandson played in the Blue Gray HS All Star game back in... 2017? Kurt Warner's son played in that game and in fact my grandson played on the same platoon with Kade, (Kurt's son)... so Kurt was at the game. Got to briefly meet Kurt when he entered the Oakland Coliseum... short handshake, few brief words. I asked him to throw a pass to my grandson, if he could... and eventually did. So Mason, my grandson, caught a pass thrown by Kurt Warner.

I mentioned that on this board, at the time... but in live action life I never got the chance to bring it up until last week. Mason and I were in the company of some local football coaches, players, in a social setting and 'best memory' came up... When Mason spoke he mentioned catching a Kurt Warner pass.... and my head blew up to the size of Jupiter.

You probably remember best my mentioning that I met Brenda during that game.... and her not being... ummmm, lets just say not the most friendly person I've ever met. Not rude, exactly... just vibe'ing that "yeah yeah, please go away" attitude. laughing smiley

  I finally got to brag about this... (grandson bragging)...

JamesJM178July 31, 2022 11:59AM

  Kurt seems like such a good guy..

sstrams78July 31, 2022 01:55PM