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From what I've read....

July 31, 2022 11:19AM
Nichelle was one of the few actors who cherished their iconic roles.... for her it was Lt. Uhura.

Most actors try desperately to distance themselves for those acting roles that reach iconic status.... probably to some extent for good reason... wishing to continue acting but hamstrung by type casting. Never the less.... always comforting, to me, for actors to give respect and love to those roles that reach iconic status. RIP Nichelle.... you will be forever remembered.

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  NOOOO!!!!! Nichelle (Lt Uhura) Nicholes passed away at 89

Ramgator47July 31, 2022 10:41AM

  From what I've read....

JamesJM29July 31, 2022 11:19AM

  Re: NOOOO!!!!! Nichelle (Lt Uhura) Nicholes passed away at 89

SeattleRam36July 31, 2022 03:57PM

  Yep..Shatner, Takei, and Koenig are it. And to think....

Ramgator20August 01, 2022 02:57AM


RAMbler16August 01, 2022 07:12AM

  As an avid IMDB reader....

JamesJM21August 01, 2022 02:40PM

  I LOVE going to IMDB.

Ramgator32August 02, 2022 02:54AM