July 29, 2022 04:45PM
While at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. I milked those with a glass of water. Got a very mild buzz. 5 hours later, I'm just thirsty and a bit blah. 15 years ago, I'd have 2 Margaritas while waiting for a seat and then have 2-4 more. HA!! I got tired n queazy just typing that! The trend REALLY started about 5 months ago when I had just 2 Gin n Tonics and got sick as hell. I know you guys have seen me amped up on here on game day. I just don't see THAT happening anymore. Heck, throughout the past playoffs, I'd have a beer or two and that was it. Had NOTHING during the Super Bowl.

I find it interesting. My Mom always said that I was so much like my Grandfather in body frame, mannerisms and wit. He was a BAD alcoholic from his late 20s till his mid 50s. He, out of the blue, just had enough. I have never been at alcoholic level but have enjoyed a few drinks. But here I am at 55 and it just isn't much fun at all.

  Drinking days are fading more n more. Had just 2 Margaritas tonight...

Ramgator84July 29, 2022 04:45PM

  I haven't really drank in 20 years..

sstrams49July 30, 2022 08:30AM

  It just isn't fun anymore. Today, for example...

Ramgator102July 30, 2022 01:48PM

  Yeah, getting older blows..

sstrams63July 30, 2022 02:06PM