July 29, 2022 04:23PM
From as high as 10 stories. THAT was easy because we always went down conventionally. With doing that, you are focused on where you are on the wall, while looking at the wall and what you are doing with your hands. In no time, you are much lower and then on the ground. BUUUUT......For sheets n giggles, while I was in the USAF, I went face down off a 40 ft cliff at Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. My Bud was from there so we drove over from Arkansas one day in June 1989. He was a Certified Instructor. At first it was weird. Just keep that belay line tight and all is well.

  Wow'ee holy wow.. most amazing YT video I've ever seen...

JamesJM79July 29, 2022 10:50AM

  Oh hell no... Attachments

sstrams51July 29, 2022 11:07AM

  Did a lot of repelling training with the Fire Dept.

Ramgator26July 29, 2022 04:23PM

  LOL That same Bud...Two months later...

Ramgator26July 29, 2022 04:25PM