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New "technology" strikes again!!!

July 29, 2022 09:13AM
At the very end of 2018, we bought my Wife a new Honda CRV. Throughout 2019, 20 and into 21, the dash screen that has the blue tooth n such kept blinking, fading or disappearing. Last Sept, they FINALLY replaced it. WELL.....Yesterday, her "new" screen starting fading and went totally out. When she cranked it to take it to the dealer, it came back on. I asked the Service Manager if they had prior issues with these screens and he said "Oh yeah!" We told him that we are NOT going to pay for a new one or even a repair. The Service Manager tells us..... "I'll see what I can do". If we catch any crap, I will take it to the DEALER Manager (KAREN MODE!!!!!!!! LOLOL) If that fails, I will call their Corporate Office. Had to do that with my ROYAL P.O.S. Dodge Caravan about 18 years ago.

When I saw these new dash screens, I KNEW they'd be a technical PITA! With EVERYTHING, Techno EGGHEADS get too cute but all they do is make products $$$$$$$$$$$ and even more disposable.

  New "technology" strikes again!!!

Ramgator88July 29, 2022 09:13AM

  Quality control... rush to be innovative....

JamesJM48July 29, 2022 10:09AM

  Which is why I refuse to acknowledge technology..

sstrams27July 29, 2022 10:10AM

  My Jag has a screen....

JamesJM47July 29, 2022 10:20AM

  I have no Siri or anything I can command..

sstrams42July 29, 2022 10:23AM

  My wife replies...

JamesJM49July 29, 2022 10:30AM

  I have had a smart phone for almost 5 years and friends get IRKED....

Ramgator48July 29, 2022 04:35PM