July 28, 2022 02:12AM
I was in 6th grade.. I knew some Purple tunes, but not many.. They did that California Jam thing with Purple, Sabbath, Black Oak Arkansas etc which they broadcast on TV late one night.. Coverdale was signing for Purple and, in not knowing much about them in 6th grade, I thought HE was the original singer.. He did my favorite Purple song "Burn".. if you're not familiar with it, you'll recognize the voice..

So, pull up a video of the "incident" with Deep Purple at California Jam.. you'll dig it.. Blackmore ties to set his cabinets on fire and it, well, goes a little out of control.. lol.. I think he smashes a guitar, as well..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Never new David Coverdale was in Deep Purple

ferragamo7956July 27, 2022 04:23PM

  He sure was...

sstrams49July 28, 2022 02:12AM

  Black Oak Arkansas! Been through the town they were from....

Ramgator31July 28, 2022 02:44PM

  They played my hometown..

sstrams36July 28, 2022 03:30PM

  Here's the vid i mentioned..

sstrams27July 29, 2022 09:05AM