July 27, 2022 12:17PM
If he really feels that way, hopefully he'll resign speak up and say something to the coach, his fellow teammates or whoever put that thing together that this is the LAST time they're gonna put out something that bad. It's embarrassing. They can do better and next time... they should.


  Sometime ya gotta be brutally honest.

JamesJM70July 27, 2022 12:11PM

  Re: Sometime ya gotta be brutally honest.

MamaRAMa45July 27, 2022 12:17PM

  Resign from football???

JamesJM49July 27, 2022 12:19PM

  Re: Resign from football???

MamaRAMa45July 27, 2022 12:28PM

  LOL, I knew I had to have that wrong...

JamesJM38July 27, 2022 12:35PM