July 27, 2022 12:11PM
Got a text with a link to donate to our High School Football team. One of those fund raiser sites, with a total goal and a goal for each individual player.

So I clicked the link and donated - and then noticed that they had a video of a few of the players making a statement. One of those things where each individual says a few words. It was horrible. None of them will ever get into radio announcing, or TV, or Movies, or any kind of public speaking whatsoever.

So I sent a text back to my grandson, "Happy to donate but wow... I hope to hell your team is better playing football than you were at making a video ad".

He took it in stride... in fact he thought the video sucked as well. Him admitting that pleased me a great deal because... had he thought the video was 'good'.... I dunno, I think it would have meant a long hard life for him. laughing smiley

  Sometime ya gotta be brutally honest.

JamesJM70July 27, 2022 12:11PM

  Re: Sometime ya gotta be brutally honest.

MamaRAMa46July 27, 2022 12:17PM

  Resign from football???

JamesJM49July 27, 2022 12:19PM

  Re: Resign from football???

MamaRAMa45July 27, 2022 12:28PM

  LOL, I knew I had to have that wrong...

JamesJM38July 27, 2022 12:35PM