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Yeah I have the orange and silver suits..

June 23, 2022 04:38AM
For Christmas I got the "Fantastic Freefall" set.. man I'd throw that thing as high as I could - sometimes climb trees to throw it higher.. I guess it worked ok, but GI Joe, in real life, would have had some broken bones..

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  One of the coolest toys I never had...... Attachments

Ramgator57June 22, 2022 02:04PM

  Yeah, I always wanted that one

sstrams24June 22, 2022 02:43PM

  Another cool one my Brother had was the GI Joe Gemini Capsule.

Ramgator14June 23, 2022 03:42AM

  Yeah I have the orange and silver suits..

sstrams10June 23, 2022 04:38AM

  I'd wrap a train spike with the chute. I'd could sling it HIGH with the weight.

Ramgator11June 23, 2022 09:44AM

  I got an archery set...

sstrams9June 23, 2022 10:18AM

  I remember seeing that in the Sears Christmas catalog

NewMexicoRam10June 25, 2022 05:48AM