June 16, 2022 09:23AM
Truly, I do. If it wasn't for business these days I wouldn't have a cell phone either. But as it is... tech has made it almost impossible for me to take care of business without a phone.

Example: My wife just had a minor accident.. in our driveway. laughing smiley She caught the front bumper of her car on our mailbox while backing up and ripped it off.... SOOOO... insurance. They have a claim form you have to fill out.. with photos, and get this: You can ONLY use a smart phone to submit it. No desktop, no laptop, HAS to be a smartphone. And they had NO OTHER opting because in their words, "everyone has a smartphone today". Don't use my insurance company, Steve. laughing smiley

  Anyone else ever have a phone battery expand and bust your phone open??

Ramgator75June 14, 2022 03:36AM

  That's why I don't own one..

sstrams46June 14, 2022 10:42AM

  I envy you...

JamesJM146June 16, 2022 09:23AM

  I'm running into more and more issues..

sstrams31June 16, 2022 09:31AM

  Yup... and another peeve of mine...

JamesJM29June 16, 2022 09:37AM

  I won't use cloud based crap..

sstrams39June 16, 2022 09:53AM