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Well, no season tickets for me this year...

May 10, 2022 12:53PM
I'm in mourning.... but when we learned the Bronco game would be on Christmas Day that ended my pursuit of season tickets.

My youngest daughter's family, 2 oldest grandson's, are Bronco fans... that was the 'key' matchup for us this coming season BUT... no chance my family misses Christmas day.

Add to that the 'fact' that the Ram's will no doubt get one or maybe more off dates - like Sunday night, Monday Night, maybe even a Thursday... and it just wasn't worth it for us because except for my wife and I the rest of my family couldn't make those games.

The good news.. I will be going to a game this year... I'll probably know when they announce the dates day after tomorrow. My choice would be the Bills but that will most likely be a Marquee game and I won't go without my grandkids who can't make any game that isn't a Sunday afternoon game.

So don't cry for me. On second thought, I'll take all the pity I can get. laughing smiley - Jimmy

  Well, no season tickets for me this year...

JamesJM48May 10, 2022 12:53PM

  NOT a good day for games to be scheduled.

Ramgator21May 10, 2022 03:56PM