January 10, 2022 04:07PM
A true story of a guy, "Papa", who is very close to losing an Orphanage in Mexico that he and his Wife run, ends up in a Marlin Fishing Tournament with a few of his Orphans and on a boat Captained by Dennis Quaid. Quiad is a drunk / grumpy SOB at first. "Papa" is facing a past that brings bad nightmares (That must be faced eventually) I tell ya....The ending of this one gave me goose bumps and I hardly say that about any movie. It's a GREAT family flick but not overly sappy.

HA! It even shook my duldrums brought on by yesterday's game

  Want an uplift? You MUST see "Blue Miracle" on Netflix!! AWESOME movie!

Ramgator75January 10, 2022 04:07PM