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Accidentally leaving your phone in airplane mode....

November 23, 2021 07:27AM
I highly recommend it. For the last week I've received zero phone calls (not that unusual), zero texts (very unusual). My first thought was:

Phone is malfunctioning... I'll have to fix that one day.... not today, or tomorrow, but someday.

Someday came... I checked what I knew how to check and didn't see anything wrong, (I never use Airplane mode and never thought to check it). I gave up.. no big deal, I'll probably be getting a new phone in a couple of years and that will fix the problem without me having to work the problem.

So something new and unexpected happened today after my feeble attempt to fix the problem myself.. I received an email that said "To receive this message on your phone you have to turn off Airplane Mode". Again, I didn't know I was in airplane mode. And not only did it tell me I needed to turn off airplane mode it provided some magical link that when clicked on my laptop would pop a de-airplane mode thingie on my phone.... so I clicked it -

You would have thought I had set off a 5 alarm fire. I could swear I heard sirens out in my yard. Beep, Buzz, cute little jingle, another jingle, more buzzes and beeps and a couple bongs. Apparently every person in the northern hemisphere had sent me a text in the last week. Welllll....

I'm sorry but I just don't have the time to reply to every person in the northern hemisphere. Sooooo, I didn't.

The beeping buzzing bonging jingle'ing finally died down so I'm now good to go... or at least I will be once I find out how to turn airplane mode back on. - JamesJM

  Accidentally leaving your phone in airplane mode....

JamesJM44November 23, 2021 07:27AM