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I'm a MORON!! I meant YOUTUBE.

November 20, 2021 04:29PM
It IS on there. I just happened to watch it 2-3 weeks ago for the first time in 10+ years.

  Just got 1917 off Ebay...will watch soon

ferragamo7924November 20, 2021 04:21PM

  It's ....OK. I prefer...MUCH more.. "The Lost Batallion" with Ricky Schroeder.

Ramgator14November 20, 2021 04:24PM

  don't have Facebook...is it a movie

ferragamo7910November 20, 2021 04:25PM

  I'm a MORON!! I meant YOUTUBE.

Ramgator14November 20, 2021 04:29PM

  It requires two viewings..

JamesJM20November 20, 2021 04:44PM