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Costco's spiked egg nog....

November 17, 2021 04:18PM
This is good stuff. Just the right amount of punch, (alcohol). BUT... it is for lazy people, like me, who don't make their own... if you make it yourself keep doing so... Kirkland's won't measure up.

Oh, and Mama... we didn't quite make it to post-Thanksgiving.... the lights on my house went up today. They aren't ON yet, they've only been tested.

One more topic: Cats. I ordered new seat covers for my pickup. They came in yesterday and last night I laid them out but didn't really check them. Today I inventoried the pieces.... and... one missing. A headrest cover. I wasn't at all surprised... whenever I order anything with many parts they short me a part or two nearly every time. There is no quality control these days. SOOOO... I took a photo and was preparing to send an email to the company, with fingers crossed. How do you prove one part didn't come in? BUT... before sending the email I decided to check around a little. Not readily visible anywhere... so I check under the sofa... nope.... for reasons I can't explain I actually went into the bedroom and checked under my bed. There she lie... the missing headrest. LeRoy.... I KNOW it was LeRoy. LeRoy doesn't abide by any rules known to mankind or catkind. Nor animalkind. I confronted LeRoy, accused him, he's playing innocent. He's a big fat liar... I know it, he knows it, he says he isn't guilty and he's sticking with his story. - JamesJM

  Costco's spiked egg nog....

JamesJM41November 17, 2021 04:18PM