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This is what I do...

November 16, 2021 11:14AM
After 50 some years of colds...

First I get way sicker than anyone else.
Second, I stay that way for a month or so.
Third, I wait for it to become a sinus infection
Fourth, I go to the doctor and get prescribed antibiotics

Somewhere at about 2 months it goes away.

Rinse and repeat several times a year.

The only thing that has ever helped me was Rhinocourt Nasal spray. But I don't know if that would help post nasal drip.

  Dammit!! Post nasal drip. What's THE best remedy??

Ramgator43November 15, 2021 02:42AM

  This is what I do...

Atlantic Ram25November 16, 2021 11:14AM

  Good grief....

JamesJM26November 16, 2021 11:58AM

  I didn't know you were a swimmer..

sstrams29November 16, 2021 01:31PM

  I know people like you... hahaha

Atlantic Ram22November 16, 2021 03:06PM

  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! It has been in my chest for 4-5 days!!!

Ramgator17November 20, 2021 04:16AM

  Scary, isn't it?? If IIII can get sick????

Ramgator18November 20, 2021 04:17AM