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Re: It's dogs or nuthin'.

October 08, 2021 06:52AM
I don't like small dogs either. Toy breeds are just too tiny. My daughter has a 3-lb Yorkie and that's not enough dog for me.
But dogs that are big enough to knock me over when they jump on me... that's too much dog for me. So, 20-40 lb is about right.

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  How did I go from a NON-cat person to the crazy cat guy?

JamesJM34October 07, 2021 05:31AM

  HA!! My late Step Dad. If you asked him what he thought about cats 30 years ago..

Ramgator18October 07, 2021 07:25AM

  I grew up in a Dog family....

RAMbler17October 07, 2021 09:21AM

  Same here, always had a dog....

JamesJM17October 07, 2021 09:38AM

  Warms my heart to hear stories of folks coming around to cats Attachments

Drew283917October 07, 2021 07:23PM

  I'm actually not a cat person...

JamesJM18October 07, 2021 08:16PM

  Re: I'm actually not a cat person...

Drew28399October 08, 2021 06:25AM

  It's dogs or nuthin'.

MamaRAMa11October 08, 2021 06:35AM

  Re: It's dogs or nuthin'.

Drew283912October 08, 2021 06:50AM

  Re: It's dogs or nuthin'.

MamaRAMa12October 08, 2021 06:52AM

  I like cats, but...

sstrams13October 08, 2021 07:54AM