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Thanks for the info, Atlantic..

September 08, 2021 07:46AM
..and I totally get it.. Just got back from cardiac rehab and was just listening to the other members sharing stories of their bypass surgeries and how miserable they were afterward, having to wear monitors for weeks, can't sleep on their sides, pain, pain, pain...

So, I'm thinking "scared straight" is a good way to describe how I reacted to their stories.. I do NOT want to go through that.. I've already hit the cholesterol range my doc wanted me at, so, I just hafta keep the status quo (good band)..

Thanks for the info - hopefully you can keep yourself on track as I struggle to stay on track..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  SST...How is all going?? LEMME GUESS LOL.....

Ramgator50September 06, 2021 09:20AM

  You got that right, Gator..

sstrams27September 06, 2021 10:11AM

  I think it is a mindset

Atlantic Ram24September 08, 2021 07:38AM

  Thanks for the info, Atlantic..

sstrams21September 08, 2021 07:46AM

  I too am at the preferred cholesterol level

Atlantic Ram25September 08, 2021 07:55AM

  That's a typical thought process..

sstrams23September 08, 2021 07:59AM