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Re: Any relief for plantar fasciitis?

September 01, 2021 05:59PM
Some things that have worked for me:

- Rolling a golf ball under my foot. I would adjust the pressure depending on my pain tolerance. Any firm ball would work. My daughter used a lacrosse ball for hers.
- Depending on the time of day I would freeze the golf ball first. I’m not a big fan of using ice if I am about to engage in exercise, so if I used a frozen ball I would do it at the end of the day.
- Calf/Achilles stretching is also important.

There are harnesses that can be worn during sleep to stretch out the calf that supposedly help alleviate the dreaded morning pain, but It didn’t work for me.

I found it to be a long road with lots of peaks and valleys. It’s difficult to avoid using your feet. I hope she recovers quickly.


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  Any relief for plantar fasciitis?

BlueRidgeHorns62August 24, 2021 01:45AM

  My feet are horrible. Size 13 and flat. ALWAYS ache. Two things help me.

Ramgator31August 24, 2021 02:34AM

  Yes! There is relief for plantar fasciitis?

Coy Bacon26September 01, 2021 03:55PM

  Re: Any relief for plantar fasciitis?

canadaram28September 01, 2021 05:59PM

  Calf/Achilles stretching

waterfield26September 01, 2021 08:33PM

  Thank you everyone! nm

BlueRidgeHorns18September 02, 2021 02:13AM

  carbon fiber AFO

Rams Junkie18September 09, 2021 11:14PM