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April 30, 2021 07:44PM
Stats never show the value of spirit. Kiki and Joc were right at the heart of the Dodgers. Maybe not in the statistics but certainly in the spirit of the team. By that I mean when everyone appears down these two were "alive" and full of "emotion" and that lifted the "spirit" of the team. Right now, with the entire team in an offensive slump they need either a Verdugo, Hernandez, or Pedersen. These-including the young Verdugo-were leaderrs as much as Betts is. But of course, if you are a data driven organization, you won't have eyes to focus on such things.

There is so very much in baseball besides data.


waterfield39April 30, 2021 07:44PM

  teams have slumps

ferragamo7910May 01, 2021 09:59AM