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I can't see it until

April 26, 2021 10:50AM
my wife goes on a trip or someplace for a couple of hours. She doesn't like what she calls "sad, droopy, dark" movies and really doesn't like Frances McDormand

OTOH I'm ready for anything especially ones that have had universal great reviews which this has. I'm also a fan of good filming and I understand the cinematography was tremendous.

Personally, I thought "My Octopus Teacher" (dull length documentary) was fantastic-and it appeared the voters saw it that way as well. I loved "Hank" but my wife wouldn't watch it -for the same reasons as above.


SeattleRam56April 26, 2021 09:35AM

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MamaRAMa21April 26, 2021 09:39AM

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RAMbler20April 26, 2021 10:39AM

  I can't see it until

waterfield20April 26, 2021 10:50AM