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I'm in the process

April 06, 2021 10:37AM
For Army Reserves. So far the recruiter won't leave me alone. I told him that I wouldn't be able to do this as fast as he wants because I have a lot of projects due this month and final papers due next month. Apparently it didn't take.

I haven't made it as far as your son, but I've heard some stories from folks on Reddit complaining of the same thing (waiver status). I've only sent in my application and background check.

I still have to take the PiCAT and then go through MEPS, but the recruiter has made it sound like I'll head to BCT right after I graduate next spring, pending a tentative graduation date from the school.

I'm not sure about that anymore.

  Has anyone had any family or friends join the Military recently. If so.....

Ramgator27April 06, 2021 08:57AM

  I'm in the process

Drew283916April 06, 2021 10:37AM

  Good to know that SOME Recruiters still care.

Ramgator8April 06, 2021 01:17PM

  Pretty much any government operation..

sstrams10April 06, 2021 11:08AM