March 31, 2021 01:06PM
Before commenting note: I'm not worthy of commenting. laughing smiley Actually I'm serious, I don't know the sport well enough to make any comments worthy of consideration... luckily that never stops me.

I've seen Houston, Gonzaga, UCLA... I have not seen Baylor.

I can't see anyone knocking off Gonzaga, and certainly not UCLA in the coming game. From the little I've picked up by listening to commentators, (live games and talk shows), the only 2 or 3 teams that may have had a chance to beat Gonzaga have been eliminated.

Gonzaga seems to me to be great... again, I'm not a basketball person. BUT... I'm not sure one needs to be an expert of the game to see that Gonzaga is in a class by themselves. Both offensively and defensively I don't see a flaw in their game... not that I could see a flaw.

It's strange to me how much I love March Madness, and how excited I was watching the games, and will be in Final Four - yet not really know squat about the game.

It reminds me of Al Michaels call in the 1980 Olympics when he said, (paraphrased), that few even know the rules in Ice Hockey but that it didn't matter. That's how I am regarding March Madness... I don't know the game, and it doesn't matter. This is EXCITING. - JamesJM

  Baylor v Houston, Gonzaga v UCLA...

JamesJM50March 31, 2021 01:06PM

  And some NASCAR news....

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  Re: And some NASCAR news....

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