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Working out, I put too much pressure on myself....

January 08, 2021 02:49PM
Until 2021 hit I was in 'maintenance mode' on my treadmill. That is: Wasn't trying to 'improve' but instead I was simply doing the same workout daily so I wouldn't lose anything this winter.

Jan. 1 that plan changed... now I'm stepping things up. I want to finish each week better than the previous week. Small increments will do, I'm not training for a marathon... but I could be in a LOT better shape than I am now.

And then there's this... addition pressure. The Ram's are live, playoffs are here. I don't know why I do this but I do... tomorrow I am determined, before the game starts, to beat my best workout for the last year. Ram's are going to give it all they've got, or at least they damn sure better do that, I can do no less.

So I began stepping things up Jan. 1st of this year... only a week in... here's what's hurting: Every #$%@%#@ thing. - JamesJM

  Working out, I put too much pressure on myself....

JamesJM26January 08, 2021 02:49PM

  Gotta know when to stop. Me?? I ALWAYS have to call it quits......

Ramgator18January 08, 2021 03:17PM