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January 04, 2021 11:33PM
Sorry to hear that mate and I hope she is ok.

And yeh, even though we have 10x the normal deaths from an average flu season (and rising) to some, it's just the flu.

As a footnote; As I took the dogs out last night I walk past her rather splendid kitchen area that is always lit up. And there she was eating dinner with her daughter and the infected son.

She may well already be infected, (or she may not. my best friend's wife has had it and he didn't) but if I was her age I'd be a tad concerned about viral loadingor just catching it.

I struggle to know what to say tbh. Utter muppets.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

  Good grief - hello Covid

RamUK70January 04, 2021 02:56AM

  Re: Good grief - hello Covid

ramBRO24January 04, 2021 04:40PM

  Re: Good grief - hello Covid

waterfield20January 04, 2021 06:31PM


RamUK20January 04, 2021 11:33PM