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One of the reasons..

November 20, 2020 08:37AM
I fought really hard to adopt Gypsie in South Carolina, was because I saw something in her eyes in her pics that reminded me of Lucie, who had just passed two days earlier.. The second Isaw her, I knew she was the one we needed to adopt, even though I wife wasn't ready.. I wasn't about to lose the perfect doggy for us because we weren't ready..

So we got her home and she immediately went out to the backyard, which was Lucie's back yard.. we left her alone to get acclimated and she went around a bush and howled a few times.. but each howl had a little "hook" on the end of it where she went up in pitch.. we had never see a dog do that before..
Except with Lucie.. she did the same exact thing and, believe me, we laughed and cried over that..

Then we get Gypsie inside and are watching TV and Gypsie is sitting up on the couch and keeps extending her paw to us - like to shake - even though we weren't doing anything to get her to shake.. she kept doing it over and over and I started shaking her paw, but she kept doing it - like 50 times.. we had never seen a dog do THAT before either... Except for Lucie.. I taught Lucie to shake an its like she went OCD with it wanting to shake every second.. she tried to shake - at times - while we were walking together..

So, yeah Gypsie was basically doing all of Lucie's trademark moves the day we got her..did I tell you Lucie's shelter name was Gypsie? It was just uncanny....

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  My Wife got Kitten #2 today!

Ramgator19November 19, 2020 04:07PM

  Full house...

sstrams14November 19, 2020 04:16PM


Ramgator15November 19, 2020 05:53PM

  One of the reasons..

sstrams9November 20, 2020 08:37AM

  Funny you say..

Ramgator6November 20, 2020 09:51AM

  Yeah, I call it the "thunderbolt"

sstrams6November 20, 2020 10:41AM

  Sounds exactly right.

Ramgator7November 21, 2020 11:35AM