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Great looking cat!

November 18, 2020 07:06AM
He looks laid back!

  We have a new kid in town! Attachments

Ramgator57November 17, 2020 11:25AM

  Congrats, Gator and wife...

sstrams18November 17, 2020 12:46PM


Ramgator13November 18, 2020 01:46AM

  Typing this was a chore.

Ramgator9November 18, 2020 01:47AM

  Sweet... Max it is....

sstrams6November 18, 2020 05:23AM

  HA! Since he has REALLY opened up and AMPED up, he has been

Ramgator8November 18, 2020 06:20AM

  We made the right call.

Ramgator8November 18, 2020 01:51AM

  Good for you!

BlueRidgeHorns10November 18, 2020 02:39AM

  It's so cool how...

sstrams9November 18, 2020 05:26AM

  Just one issue.

Ramgator7November 18, 2020 06:18AM

  That happens a LOT..

sstrams8November 18, 2020 07:09AM

  I told Elizabeth what we went through will take years to get over.

Ramgator11November 18, 2020 07:37AM

  Awesome! Attachments

ferragamo7915November 18, 2020 07:00AM

  Great looking cat!

Ramgator5November 18, 2020 07:06AM

  Looks just like our outdoors cat... 'Batman'...

JamesJM9November 18, 2020 03:25PM

  Re: We have a new kid in town! Attachments

JoeMad18November 18, 2020 12:03PM

  Looks like my legendary, Maxine!

Ramgator10November 18, 2020 01:06PM

  Re: We have a new kid in town!

zn10November 18, 2020 03:31PM