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Yeah Atlanta is HUGE and you can even..

October 12, 2020 01:55PM
dive in it with whale sharks and manta rays and whatnot - it is probably the most badass aquarium on Earth.. The Dallas Aquarium is just a normal aquarium with non of the big stuff - at least from what I remember.. they may have added to it in 15 years, but they'll never equal Atlanta..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  What's There To Do In Dallas?

ramBRO49October 04, 2020 07:03PM

  This will be of no help to you at all....

JamesJM20October 04, 2020 07:18PM

  Re: This will be of no help to you at all....

waterfield18October 04, 2020 07:35PM

  There's normally a lot..

sstrams26October 05, 2020 05:44AM

  Re: There's normally a lot..

ramBRO12October 06, 2020 07:00AM

  Yeah Atlanta is HUGE and you can even..

sstrams10October 12, 2020 01:55PM

  Re: Yeah Atlanta is HUGE and you can even..

ramBRO10October 12, 2020 03:12PM

  I'm sorry 'Bro.. I didn't mean to run down Dallas..

sstrams7October 13, 2020 05:26AM

  Many great BBQ places

ferragamo7914October 05, 2020 08:47AM

  By the way watch out for toll roads

ferragamo7917October 05, 2020 08:48AM

  Those things baffle me....

JamesJM16October 05, 2020 05:54PM

  Yup - good point...

sstrams13October 06, 2020 05:21AM

  Had a friend who once pulled up too...

JamesJM20October 06, 2020 05:58AM

  Dude, that's awful....

sstrams12October 06, 2020 06:08AM

  Re: Dude, that's awful....

waterfield8October 12, 2020 08:58AM

  They work...

JamesJM8October 12, 2020 09:17AM

  We all know Clark Griswold..

sstrams9October 12, 2020 09:56AM

  I know you know UC Davis and the town of Davis

ferragamo799October 12, 2020 01:58PM