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I never met the man...

June 28, 2020 11:11AM
obviously. laughing smiley But I met a couple of people, (musicians), that did. One recorded with him in Nashville. According to this guy Glen was one of the most respected guitarists in the world... highly regarded across the entire recording industry.

I didn't bother to search some youtube examples, (I'm too lazy), but back when Roy Clark passed away and we discussed him on this board I did look into YouTube's featuring Glen showing off his playing skills, (rather than just his popular songs), and they ARE available. - JamesJM

  Hey you guitarists, how good was Glenn Campbell?

BlueRidgeHorns31June 28, 2020 08:06AM

  Sorry. The name is GLEN Campbell nm

BlueRidgeHorns7June 28, 2020 08:07AM

  I think he was fantastic

Atlantic Ram12June 28, 2020 08:24AM

  I've only heard his bigger hits..

sstrams9June 28, 2020 09:57AM

  I never met the man...

JamesJM10June 28, 2020 11:11AM

  Glen Campbell and Jim Stafford

SeattleRam12June 28, 2020 11:27AM

  started off as a session player

ferragamo7912June 28, 2020 02:37PM

  Remember the band Toto? 'Rosanna'?

JamesJM16June 28, 2020 02:49PM

  Luther Vandross back up Bowie

ferragamo7911June 28, 2020 03:17PM

  Have you guys seen the documentary "The Wrecking Crew"

SeattleRam7June 28, 2020 04:46PM

  Yup.. in fact....

JamesJM6June 28, 2020 05:55PM

  Re: started off as a session player

MamaRAMa10June 28, 2020 06:04PM

  Pretty dang good!

Aries8June 29, 2020 05:53PM

  Re: Pretty dang good!

MamaRAMa7June 29, 2020 06:28PM