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Streep in party mood-music-"Checking Out"

June 27, 2020 05:03PM
I always appreciated Meryl Streep's acting. Never thought of her as particularly sexy. Here is the ending scene in Postcards From the Edge that changed my mind. An old acquaintance of mine, who worked on movies, told me that after the closing scene the credits were supposed to role but it was extemporaneous party time for the entire crew, from actors to stage maintenance people, etc. And people just told Meryl "go,go,go" while the credits rolled. No script just sing your heart out. I will post THAT part just below this post, because I can't figure out how to post it below the attached one, so you can get an idea of how off the cuff it was. In that video check out the cool accordion guy. I'll call it Off Script video-it looks like that one was done by someone there with a phone so the quality isn't like the one herein.


Well I screwed this up. I'll figure it out later. Sorry-but you can google what I'm saying-if your interested.

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  Streep in party mood-music-"Checking Out"

waterfield26June 27, 2020 05:03PM

  Off Script video

waterfield15June 27, 2020 05:18PM