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Sahara sands on my washed car ....DANG IT!!

June 26, 2020 03:15PM
Just washed my car about 4 days ago. When I left work this morning, my car had white / slight yellow haze all over it. That was from a sprinkle of rain yesterday, Just enough to bring down some of the dust. There has been a haze in the sky but not nearly as bad as I vividly remember in Summer 1981. That Summer stands out because I remember the day my Dad took me to see Raiders Of The Lost Ark, it was CRAZY hot outside (At least 105) and the sky was flat out creepy looking. EVERYTHING outside had a weird yellow tone to it because of Sahara dust in the sky. LOL People were told to stay inside but me and my buds still played stickball. I wanna say back in 1981, it hung around for quite some time.

  Sahara sands on my washed car ....DANG IT!!

Ramgator17June 26, 2020 03:15PM

  Re: Sahara sands on my washed car ....DANG IT!!

SeattleRam12June 26, 2020 05:19PM

  I have seen it a few times in my life.

Ramgator11June 27, 2020 05:13AM