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Great Acting... unexpected, and some luck involved.

February 06, 2020 02:10PM
I'll start with the 'luck'. Bought a DVD set of all the Columbo episodes... watched them during the last year, all of them. I noticed last night that Columbo was now on Amazon Prime..or some of them anyway... Season 1 is. I found this when sstrams had me searching for the series Frazier. Soooo..... saw an episode listed, title and synapsis, that I didn't recognize. Lo & Behold... I didn't get this episode in my DVD set.... oh the joy, a new Columbo, for me anyway.

The 'unexpected' - No, not going to talk about Peter Falk as Columbo.. he's brilliant and we all know that. Instead.. it's the 'murderer'... the lead role, played by Lee Grant. You have ALL seen her, even if you don't recognize the name. (I'll include a photo of her below to save you a search). She's still with us, by the way. I have seen Lee Grant numerous times over the years but in all honesty I never really paid much attention to her. Not that I thought she was a 'bad' actress, I didn't think that at all.... but for whatever reason she never stood out to me. So I click play on this newfound Columbo episode... "Ransom for a Dead Man".

Lee Grant performed one of the greatest pieces of acting I have ever seen. So subtle, and yet overwhelmingly powerful. I was in awe. Did some research after watching this episode and Lee received a nomination for Best Actress in this role... she didn't win... I can't imagine anyone beating her.

IMHO every acting school in the world should have a lesson dedicated to Lee Grant's performance in this role.

Just one more note... she may very well have been 'great' in every role she's ever played... I just didn't notice.... but I have now. - JamesJM


  Great Acting... unexpected, and some luck involved. Attachments

JamesJM70February 06, 2020 02:10PM

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SeattleRam46February 06, 2020 02:47PM