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If so, we're both in the dog house..

December 01, 2019 08:09AM
That's the funniest thing Gator's ever posted.. LOL smiley

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Made my biggest blunder EVER as a football fan last night.

Ramgator301December 01, 2019 07:36AM

  Would it be considered bad form to LOL at this?

JamesJM113December 01, 2019 08:03AM

  If so, we're both in the dog house..

sstrams95December 01, 2019 08:09AM

  Re: omg

leafnose84December 01, 2019 08:12AM

  Hats off to you

mexram90December 01, 2019 08:12AM

  Yeah, Mexi you don't see that kind of chivalry anymore..

sstrams75December 01, 2019 08:15AM

  My Wife quickly said she'd stay....

Ramgator87December 01, 2019 09:06AM

  You just added to my bucket list

mexram59December 01, 2019 09:12AM

  VERY lean!

Ramgator58December 01, 2019 10:04AM

  Now you got me drooling

mexram59December 01, 2019 10:15AM

  Here's to great grub and a great Rams game today!

Ramgator57December 01, 2019 10:21AM

  Wait a minute !

waterfield55December 03, 2019 01:30PM