August 07, 2019 08:16AM
Thank you so much. My ex had gluten issues. When she ate wheat, she immediately knew. I have some handle of it as we frequently ate out and I quickly learned what could and could not be eaten. Interesting, my symptoms are more hidden and seem to manifest as inflamation. Anyway, I am glad it was discovered and really with my pointing it out as a possibility (rather than the doc asking and figuring it out). I also caught my own skin cancer!!! Doc said it was fine, I insisted on a biopsy.

I really appreciate your comments and definately will check out the book.....I actually watched the season she was on Survivor. I will be in touch and again, thank you for sharing this info.


any good beers?

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  A very sad day - No more beer for me

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  I thought..

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  Mama said it best...

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