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got to see a College Football Locker Room....

May 02, 2017 12:05PM
I've seen a few. MY how 'fancy' they are these days. Couldn't help but comparing them to my 'golden athletic days' at Tranquillity High School.

First, we weren't separate from the peons.... ooops, sorry, I mean the NON-Football players. All together.... one big room. We didn't all have tall lockers either... weren't enough. Concrete floors, with cracks. No wall emblems, nor inspirational slogans on the walls. The coaches office, separated from the locker room by a big glass window, occasionally DID have a lined sheet of note paper scotch taped to it that said something like, "Play Hard".

Wasn't painted in the school colors either... it was gray, a really really dungy looking gray... probably a bomb shelter during WWII.

No names on our lockers... we did have padlocks, all hacksawed in half because we all lost our keys. We left them in place, however, for aesthetic reasons.

Remember those things they had in gyms, and by pools, that you stepped on when entering and it sprayed up some chemical to kill athletes foot or other diseases? Do they still have those?

Everything today is built, and decorated, to 'inspire'. We didn't have that... we had to rely on 'coach-speak' which usually went something like, "Ok Jimmy, don't drop the @#$#@@# ball like you did last game".

Anyway... Dordt College was beautiful, great locker room... reeked with 'pride'. I was impressed. - JamesJM

  got to see a College Football Locker Room....

JamesJM287May 02, 2017 12:05PM