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Mama, did you mention this - The Chosen...

June 08, 2024 05:39AM
Not sure how it happened that season 4 streaming, the first two episodes, finally became available and I did not hear of it until last night. Started maybe a week ago? I watched the first two episodes last night and this morning. Season 4 Episode 3 becomes available I think Monday?

Watching it is harder than it was... or at least it is for me. I was used to one way and now it's very different. But that's because I mostly watch on my laptop and it's not really set up for that. It's set up for watching on a phone app, or pad app, or thru a device like AppleTV... which I have but my preferred way of watching is on my laptop. I did find a website streaming site but they didn't make it easy it find. It's called BYUtv. Perhaps there are others, I don't know.

IMO not as simple as it was on ANGEL.... which, as far as I can tell, does not carry The Chosen anymore - or at least I couldn't find it there... not even the 1st 3 seasons. I don't KNOW this but it seems Angel and The Chosen have gone their separate ways.

I was so caught off guard that when Season 4 Episode 1 began I didn't think it was the actual Chosen series. (new characters). And that leads me too:

You may have heard me mention that my sister teaches dance. Dance has been in my family since I was 7. My recent trip to Disneyland was mainly for a dance competition that my granddaughter participated in. Her mother participated in it, as well as my other daughter. My point: I have a pretty good eye for 'dance'.

When you watch you'll see a dancer preparing a dance... then later perform the dance.... ummmm, somewhat. there is a story behind the dance so the dance is not shown in full.... BUT...enough so that I can say.... just possibly the most incredible dance I have ever seen. The character - "Salome" is played by the actress Briar Nolet. I had never heard of her. And now I will never forget her. IMDB has her listed as an actress, ( a few other roles), but this young lady is a dancer! I can not tell you how blown away I was by her performance.

Later this morning I'm going to show the dance to my granddaughter, and my sister, and, well, all my family. I cannot rave enough about Briar. laughing smiley - JamesJM

  Mama, did you mention this - The Chosen...

JamesJM62June 08, 2024 05:39AM

  Re: Mama, did you mention this - The Chosen...

MamaRAMa35June 08, 2024 05:49AM

  I watch on youtube

ferragamo7924June 08, 2024 12:09PM

  Watching the live stream debut of Episode 3 today?

JamesJM22June 09, 2024 10:11AM

  I'm not going to be able to watch it tonight

MamaRAMa26June 09, 2024 10:22AM

  Absolutely you should watch the game!

JamesJM25June 09, 2024 10:28AM

  I was wrong. New episodes are out on Sundays

MamaRAMa18June 08, 2024 02:23PM

  No spoilers, I promise you...

JamesJM24June 09, 2024 08:39PM

  Re: No spoilers, I promise you...

MamaRAMa31June 10, 2024 05:50AM

  PM sent (nn)

JamesJM26June 10, 2024 06:10AM