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Re: I watched them till maybe the very early 90s.

June 08, 2024 07:39AM
In the 70's I was driving tractor for my Dad. I got ½ hour for lunch and when I got home my wife would be watching a couple game shows..... I think one was called "Three On A Match"? I'm not sure... I forget the other. Anyway.... I would watch, (sort of had too), while eating. I admit I got semi-into those two. Not a fan... but a little entertaining.

In the 50's and 60's my Mom watched several so while I didn't follow them I did see many episodes.... things like "What's My Line"... "The $64,000 Dollar Question".... "Jeopardy". But during those shows I was just waiting for my shows to start.

And of course I have seen Wheel of Fortune, Lets Make A Deal... a few others.... but never as an avid viewer.

I'm not sure why game shows never appealed to me. And it's not that I 'hate' them - they just don't interest me.

Moving to another genre of TV... I don't think I've ever seen a single episode of any reality TV show. So I can't say that I 'hate' them... but I'm pretty sure I would hate them. laughing smiley

  With Pat Sajak signing off Wheel Of Fortune tonight, I keep thinking of this....

Ramgator44June 07, 2024 05:06PM

  I'm not a game show person...

JamesJM23June 07, 2024 07:53PM

  I watched them till maybe the very early 90s.

Ramgator13June 08, 2024 07:19AM

  Re: I watched them till maybe the very early 90s.

JamesJM16June 08, 2024 07:39AM