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Re: For MaMa

May 11, 2024 07:42AM
Yes, it is. RAMbeau and I are Battlehawks fans and have been since they debuted in 2020. But we watch from home. We've not been to a Battlehawks game at The Dome and probably will never attend a game. I can't handle all the walking anymore... and the downtown crime is such that I don't really want to be down there so we just watch from the safety of home. We actually watch ALL the UFL televised games but we only root for the BattleHawks!

I keep seeing articles where the writers state that if the NFL is looking for a city to put a team, they should consider St. Louis because it's obvious the fans love football. I don't pretend to speak for the entire city, but frankly I don't think people want an NFL team here anymore. The Battlehawks fans are different from St Louis Rams fans in my opinion. They're raucous, there seems to be a lot more hard-working, blue-collar, "I LOVE FOOTBALL', kinda people at the games. You can see it when the cameras pan the crowds on gameday. The fans here LOVE the BattleHawks and there's always some "F U Kroenke" chants on gameday. This city has lost an NFL team twice and this last time was, I think... the last straw. It's not that St Louis lost the team as much as it was HOW it was done, the countless lies that were told, and the harsh words spoken by the owner on the way out. People here just can't overlook or forget that. So... no.. the Battlehawks are NOT an NFL team but I think that suits most folks in these parts just fine. The Dome is not a glistening behemoth with a lot of bells and whistles and I don't think that matters to the people who live around here. They're just happy to have a football team they can support, that feels like theirs, and it ain't the NFL. At least that's how I see it. They miss football... but they don't miss the NFL.

The only thing I wish is that the UFL teams actually lived in the city they represent. IF the UFL succeeds, maybe that is something that could happen in the future, I just don't know. It's a whole different thing when the players and staff live and work in the city they represent because right now... they don't.

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